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Package Deal

The InvestYourself  “Combo-Platter” Special Deal!


If you’ve looked over the site, you see that we offer two primary services:


1)   Is called the Insiders Club. This is our short term holds newsletter, where we attempt to enter a trade, hold it from a day to maybe a few weeks, and try and squeeze 4 – 5% profit and then move on.

This comes out Monday – Friday, and there’s generally 3 updates per day. The first update is always pre-market, where we’re looking at the futures, talking about what news might have broke, etc.
The second update is generally around 10:45 – 11AM Eastern. This is where we look at what happened during the open, and lets us see what sectors and individual stocks are moving. This is the update where we generally announce what stock we’re looking at, and the entry price we’d pay.
The third update generally hits between 2 and 3 PM Eastern. It could be a wrap up, it could be where we announce that yes, we have entered a trade, and some commentary on the day.


Insider Costs $199.95 per year.


2)   Our second service, is called Horizons. This is our long term holds newsletter. In it, we try and find value plays, we write covered calls, we try and find dividend payers, we avoid high priced market darlings, and focus on inexpensive stocks that can reward us with rich premiums, or the chance of strong appreciation in price. This comes out once a week, Generally on Sunday evenings.

Horizons Cost $149.95 per year.



But, LETS MAKE A DEAL!  If purchased separately, you’re pretty much looking at 350 bucks. So we decided that if you wanted both services, we’d knock off the 50 bucks and give it for a straight $300.00 for the year. Yes, both letters, for a full year. $300.00


The “Combo-Platter” Bob special is our best seller, and we think it simply makes sense. With both services, you can be a nimble trader on one hand, and a relaxed, longer term investor on the other. Most of our subscribers, are members of both. 


Take advantage of the “deal” and sign up for the Special pricing. We think you’ll like it.