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Financial Intelligence Report

The Free Newsletter that actually works. Yeah, really! Can you imagine such a thing? A completely free Newsletter, not loaded down with advertisements, that you can actually use to make investing decisions? Well yes you can, we’ve been doing it for a long long time.

The owner/publisher of created the Financial Intelligence Report as a twice a week - completely free publication, way back in 1997. What is it about? Everything that can affect you.

There’re always two sections to each letter, the General commentary, and then the “market” commentary. In the General commentary, “anything goes” so to speak. The world is connected in so many ways, and the “FIR” talks about how things effect your personal lives. Some issues are devoted completely to talking about stocks, or some new technology, while others might delve into something like self-defense weapons training, disaster prep, or health.

The market section of the letter is generally a review of what’s happening, and then some views on possible market direction, and/or things like Fed meetings, that might move stocks one way or another. It is in the market section that we discuss individual stocks, or maybe options, and what we see as a good investment idea.

The letter is completely free. We don’t want your credit card. Simply enter your Email address and we’ll put you on the rotation. Letters come out Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings early.

Go ahead and sign up. It’s safe. We don’t advertise in the letter, it’s absolutely free and we have NEVER sold or rented our list. Not once in over 25 years.