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About Horizons

For nearly 25 years, the only paid-for product we had was the Insiders Club. But over those many years, people would clamor for a long term holds letter, not the “Swing trades” that the Insiders club was famous for.

I understood that, as not everyone gets to sit in front of their computers and move as quickly as we can. In the Insiders club, we might only be in a trade for a few days, and that interferes with people’s jobs and lives.

So finally, in January of 2019, we launched Horizons for the longer-term investor. Buying lower priced equities and selling covered calls on them has been the backbone of the process, but not the only thing we do.

We buy Gold coins at times, silver coins at times. We buy ETF’s in technology when they’re hot. We might buy call options that don’t expire for 6 months. We might buy a stock, just for the rich dividend it spins off.

Here’s an example of some of the investments and how they worked out. This is directly out of a recent Horizons letter:

We had 1000 FEAC at 18.03. Then we got 3.45 for selling the January 20’s. That brought us back $3,450 dollars, or 19% return so far. Then FEAC did their “merger” and became ticker symbol SKLZ. Well SKLZ was almost 25 bucks Friday, and of course we got called out. But that meant we also picked up another 1.97 per share on the thousand shares. That’s $1,970 to add to the $3,450 we got for the calls, totaling $5,420. So, the bottom line is that we paid $18,030 and got back $23,450. That’s a 30.06% gain.

NGD had been with us for a LONG time, but it has finally been taken away. We had 4000 NGD at 1.12, and via selling calls had taken in $1,880 in premium. They were all called away at 1.50. So, we got the appreciation between 1.12 and 1.50 which was another .38 cents. Multiplied that by 4000 and we grabbed another $1,520.00. So we spent $4,480.00 and got back 3,400 on top of it. That’s 75.8%

We had bought 5 contracts of the January 2022, 36 dollar call in the XOP. They cost 12.72 per "share". They went through a reverse split, changing the math of course, but the bottom line was that we paid 1,590 dollars and sold for 3,250 dollars, better than a 100% gain.

1000 shares of SOLO at 2.49. We sold 500 at 3.88 for a gain of $695.00

There’re dozens more. And yes, we fess up when we’re wrong and take a spanking, it’s only fair. Like buying 5 contracts of VXX calls, thinking that through the election, and all the madness about fake ballots, and the reading of the electors, there might be some wicked volatility in the market. No, there was none and we had to eat a bad loss. It happens.

But it happens MUCH less than when we win and that’s the name of this game.

Horizons only comes out once a week. It usually posts on Sunday evening at about 6 pm.

The current price for a year of Horizons is $149.95.

Most of our Insiders members are also Horizons members. Well, we like to help folks out, so we do have a “package” deal. The cost for a year of Insider is $199.95 and a Year of Horizons is $149.95. That comes to Pretty much $350.

So we give both products for the full year, at $300.00 saving you the fifty dollars. It’s our most popular sale.

Sign up and give it a year. We tend to think that you’ll be happy.