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What is Investyourself?

About 30 years ago, a much younger Bob Rinear started sharing some of his gold, silver and stock investing ideas with several small investment groups. A retired jeweler, he had a keen sense when it came to the metals, because of working with them for so many years.

He expanded into discovering the inner workings of Wall Street and found that most of what was being said on TV was wrong. After several years, he discovered his own style of investing, and it was working well. Soon people were asking “what’s your secret?”

Seminars were held and the crowds grew, because the information being given out was “real world” of how things work… not what Wall Street or investment books tell you. People were using his ideas and making money.

After several years of writing a newsletter for a company called stock splits, Bob launched in October of 1997. It was there that he would do his twice a week free newsletter, and post his paid membership articles.

Over the years, IY has grown into a community tens of thousands strong. People sign up for his free newsletter which is called the Financial Intelligence Report, to get a good sense of what’s happening in the world, what trends might be forming, what people should be looking out for.

Generally, after a month or so, a large percentage of those free newsletter readers, also become paid members to the Insiders Club which is for short term swing trading, and his Horizons letter, which if for longer term investing.

And here we are today, in the year 2021, and Bob and IY are still going strong.

To contact us, please email or call us at 941-240-1057.