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Insiders Club

What is the Insiders Club? The IC is a paid for service, where generally, 3 times each day, Bob tells the members what stocks or options he’s looking at, what prices he’d pay as an entry level, what stops he might use, and when he’s taking profits.

While Bob is NOT a financial planner, or Broker registered, and can NOT give out investing advice, he is allowed to show the world what he’s doing with his own money and investing ideas. If people think those ideas are sound, and follow along, well that’s all perfectly fine.

The Insiders is truly designed for the short-term swing trades. This is where we might buy a stock and hold it for 3 days to 3 weeks or so. Our goal is to try and squeeze a 4-5% gain on each trade, and then hunt down the next one.

Sometimes however the gains are quite spectacular. When the market is in bull mode, it hasn’t been unusual for some of his selections to move10 or even 20% in a short period of time.

No one gets them all right and we don’t either. But we’ve been winning more than losing for over 25 years and that’s why so many people are indeed Insider Members.

How does it work? Easy. The morning update goes over the futures, where the market might be opening, and what stocks I might be interested in. Then after an hour into the day, the next update will come out. It’s here that we usually place our entry levels. NOTE>> we ALWAYS place the buy in price higher than the stock is trading. The reason is, we always want that stock to get up and over the high of the first 15 – 30 minutes of trading.

So a typical update might say something like this:


Okay folks the market is green across the board, but not crazy green. I have been watching XYZ this morning which has earnings in a couple weeks and looks like it might want to run into them. Trading at 74.40 as I type this, I would be comfy entering it on a move up and over 74.55 which was the morning high.

Then later in the day, if XYZ has moved over the entry, the afternoon update might say something like this:


The market is holding up well, and XYZ did cross our entry level around noon. So we now own 200 shares of XYZ at 74.57. We think it has a shot at making it to the 80 level.

We have two ways to enjoy the Insiders Club. One is a simple $24.95 per month pay as you go, or by saving fifty dollars and buying a year at $199.95. We encourage the yearly, simply because there’s no interruptions in your service all year, which there can be with the monthly’s as we try and reach you for renewals every 30 days.

For less than a buck a day, you’ll get the premarket letter, the 11 am update and most times the 2-3PM wrap up. That’s for FIVE days a week, all year long.

Note, if you sign up for the IC, there’s a very short window for returns. Why? We sell information and trading due diligence. Over the years many have tried to scam us by signing up, and then cancelling after they’ve gleaned our holds, our picks, and our long term covered calls. That’s not nice.