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8.16.2014 Now You See It, Now You Don’t

      The Ukrainian Government says that they blew up a Russian convoy that was crossing the border and supplying the so-called rebels resisting the Ukraine’s. That caused our market to fall over 100 points from the highs. But the question is, did this happen or not? The Russian reply was that “this report […]

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June 29th Free Investment Newsletter is up!

Good afternoon everyone, just a couple quick notes. The Financial Intelligence Report for June 29 is up and as always it is free of charge. Please enjoy the read. Next up, many of you know by now that our friend Jacquie had to pull out of the Race across America, just 600 miles from the […]

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6.9.2014 Self Defense Weapons Training!

Classes are filling up, so act quick to reserve your day and come down to Sarasota and spend a full 8 hours, ONE on ONE with our lead instructor Mike Magowan, and learn the proper way to protect yourself and your family/home. For those that don’t know what we’re up to, Mike is the creator […]

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11.3.2013 – Millions face sticker shock following insurance cancellations

How rude is it to say…we told you so? Probably very, but we are indeed witness to the very things we warned about for years concerning this “Obama Care” debacle. As had as they’re trying to spin this in a positive light the facts are pretty bleak. The web site doesn’t work, security is non […]

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9.18.2013 Federal Reserve Decision Day!

Today, Wednesday the 18th we’re finally going to get the decision from the Federal Reserve concerning what they’re going to do with their QE program. They’ve said since June that they felt it was time to start to remove some of the accommodation from the system, and that cause the US markets to fall over […]

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September Comes In With Big Green Futures 9.3.2013

the futures were big and bold Tuesday morning after everyone learned that Obama had changed his “go it alone” stance over Syria to waiting to ask Congress for approval for any missile attacks. That got a lot of the traders thinking that if enough time elapsed, maybe just maybe we wouldn’t get involved at all […]

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NASDAQ halts all trades Right After they “break” 17 minutes of Trading

On Wednesday the 22nd, the NASDAQ composite was halted for trading as a “glitch” in their computer system. This halt is still ongoing at 1:02 pm. The iron if not funny and dangerous part of this, is that just two days earlier they “broke” all the trades placed in a 17 minute period of morning […]

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Fed’s Minutes say they’re on Track for Tapering. Sort of . Kinda.

The minutes hit at about 2 pm, and the market hated what they heard. In a matter of moments we saw the DOW fall from – 50 to minus 122. Then the dip buyers jumped in and 20 minutes later we were down just 64. Now go ahead and tell me that the market moves […]

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JPM “Corners” the Gold Market

In the latest COT ( commitment of traders) report something interesting manifests itself if you compare the data there to the Banking data and the exchange data. It seems that JPM is now “long” about 25% of all the long side gold positions. Never before has one entity been that long the market, almost “cornering […]

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Did China ask for Its Gold Back?

There’s been some rumors that along with Germany and several others asking the Federal Reserve to ship their gold back to the host country, maybe China has demanded that it too sees its gold reserves sent home. This would be quite an issue because I believe that a lot of the worlds “storage gold” has […]

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